10 Important Taxi Safety Tips for Solo Travelers
10 Important Taxi Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Taking a taxi alone in an unfamiliar location comes with an extra layer of risk. Especially, if you are a female solo traveller. 

Being alone in a taxi is not only a frightening experience for a solo traveller but also poses a real danger to safety. 

If you're looking for some reassurance for your solo trip here are taxi safety tips to follow.


1. Opt for a Reputable Taxi Service  

When taking a taxi, remember that not all taxi services are created equal. Choosing a reputable company can make all the difference. Reputable taxi companies have a commitment to passenger safety with a fleet of professional drivers. 

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2. Evaluate Whether the Ride is Legit or Not

If you are visiting a new place, spend some time to find out about taxi services in the city. Non-registered drivers lure passengers into their vehicles. These unofficial taxis overcharge passengers. Furthermore, by boarding an unofficial taxi, you put yourself in a dangerous position.

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3. Learn Common Phrases in Local Language

Most taxi drivers you will meet during your trip will likely not speak English. Therefore, you should learn a few basic phrases in the local language for your safety. This can be extremely helpful in some situations.


4. Observe the Meter  

Sitting in a taxi is not always the time to relax, especially if you're in a metered taxi. Observe the meter to check if the fare is increasing too fast. 

You can also open maps on your mobile phone to see if the driver is taking the best route. By checking the driving direction, you will know if the driver takes a longer router to charge you more. Carrying the GPS device also allows you to share your location with family and friends.


5. Keep Your Valuables Hidden

When travelling alone, remember to keep valuable items safe and hidden. Showing off expensive jewellery or gadgets can make you a target for thieves and pickpockets.


6. Sit in the Back Seat and Maintain a Polite Conversation  

When traveling solo try to maintain a polite conversation with the driver. Do not share any personal details such as name, contact details, etc.

When travelling solo with an unknown driver, sitting in the back seat is a better option. It helps you maintain a distance from the driver. Also, sitting in the back seat provides an emergency exit option in case the situation goes wrong. 

Sitting in the back seat allows you to keep your bags next to yourself. If you do end up putting your stuff in the trunk, then don't get out of the taxi until the driver does so too. In some places, when a car halts, they will even steal from the trunk. So, sitting with your stuff in the back seat is always a safer option.


7. Discuss the Fare  

Always ask the driver how much the ride will cost. While most taxis use a meter to calculate the fare, occasionally drivers ask for a fixed price. If the driver asks for a fixed price think whether the price is reasonable or not. Discussing the fare also gives you a chance to negotiate. Discussing the fare upfront is a good habit when you take a taxi in unknown places.


8. Never Tell that You’re Alone  

If you are a solo female traveller taking a taxi, never tell the driver that you're alone. You can say that your friends or family are waiting for you. Also, tell your driver that you know the city well. When a driver knows that you're being looked after they will think twice before scamming you.


9. Have Sufficient Small Cash in your Pocket

Keep your wallet in your backpack and have some small cash in your pocket. When foreigners pay with large notes, some taxi drivers give the wrong change. Before you explain to the driver you paid with a larger note, they have already swapped it for a smaller one making it difficult to prove him wrong.


10. Have Emergency Contacts List

To be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, always remember the local emergency numbers. Also, keep a list of emergency contacts on your phone, it can include your family members or trusted friends. You never know when you might need to call them.


Exploring different cities and cultures as a solo traveller can be an incredible experience. However, ensuring your safety when travelling solo is paramount. By following the taxi safety tips you can travel solo with confidence. Remember, the key to a memorable travel experience is not only in the places you visit but also in the precautions you take to ensure a smooth and safe journey.


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